Premium Care

Cleaning & Alteration

Professional Premium Care

Dry Cleaning

All garments, from casual and business attire to couture and vintage pieces, are carefully dry- cleaned using an environmentally safe solvent that leaves no residual odor or discoloration and a luxurious feel. Each piece is hand inspected by our highly trained garment specialists and are guaranteed to be ready for you to wear exactly as you requested. Spot cleaning and same day service is available upon request. ChampionDC also offers mold, smoke and water damage dry cleaning services for items that have been damaged due to a house fire, flood, or mold due to poor storage.

Household Items

We willl clean all of your household items – bed spreads, comforters, blankets, curtains and drapes – – with the utmost care. We have the experience needed to give these items the attention they require and deserve and will exceed your expectations, returning your household items in the best possible condition. Our experienced staff looks over each item for sun damage and other conditions that are common in household items. No matter what method of cleaning is required, eco-friendly dry cleaning or wet cleaning, our equipment is set up to run special gentle cycles to minimize stress to your textiles. Since many household items are large and cumbersome, take advantage of our Pick up & Deilvery service. Our experts will come to your home to pickup your draperies or other houshold items and will deliver them freshly cleaned.

Wedding Gowns

ChampionDC, we understand that your wedding gown is the most special of all of your most precious pieces. Your wedding gown will be cleaned and pressed with the upmost care. We can also arrange for you to inspect your gown prior to packaging to ensure everything has been cleaned and pressed to your specifications and no detail was missed. Following your inspection, your wedding gown is specially boxed to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

Alteration & Tailoring

We provide expert local tailoring! Local tailors enable us to take professional measurements
— assessing posture and body shape to make unique modifications for you. You can drop off your garments at any ChampionDC to have them expertly tailored! Or visit one of our locations with a tailor. Call the store for hours.